A playwright met an actor, and the rest is history!

We are two artists based in Toronto. Originally collaborating on podcasted audio dramas, we’ve spent our careers exploring theatre as a means to connect, inform, and engage audiences.

Bonded over a shared philosophy to make theatre that is relevant to today’s world, we also believe that theatre should have a voice that speaks of the human condition – not just to entertain and divert. Our love of Canadian work which dabbles in the fantastical, and keen interest in featuring marginalized voices has pushed us to do work that challenges and seek out partnerships with like minded individuals!

We love site-specific content and plays by female and Canadian playwrights. We’re keen to bring unfamiliar stories and spaces to life, and to lift up voices too often unheard!

KT Bryski and Blythe Haynes

KT Bryski  Blythe Haynes