Gangway! Theatre Co.

Gangway! Theatre Co. is an independent theatre company comprised of Toronto-based artists Blythe Haynes (actor/producer) and Melissa Taylor (actor/playwright). Both met at the museum Black Creek Pioneer Village as History Actors, in the program Haynes originated with author, playwright and co-founding member of Gangway! KT Bryski. The creative partnership of Haynes and Taylor promotes works exploring strong, creative, and challenged women in history, and the legacy they left behind. 

Gangway’s mandate is to emphasize and promote the historical and current struggles of women, the de-stigmatization of gender, and the exploration of feminism in art. As such, they are committed to bringing women’s stories to life and providing a safe harbour for local artists to pursue their craft. Their love of site-specific content, dabbling in the fantastical and plays by female and Canadian playwrights inspires them to bring unfamiliar stories and spaces to life, and to lift up voices too often unheard.

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