Gangway Programs

Gangway! Theatre Co. is dedicated to creating quality Canadian theatre. In the boardroom, we offer unique opportunities for team-building and a much-needed break! In the classroom, we use plays and dramatic programming to foster learning and encourage students’ growth. Onstage, we bring women’s stories to life and provide a safe harbour for local artists to pursue their craft.

Corporate Programs School Programs Indie Theatre
Bring the theatre to your boardroom! Our immersive programs offer unique team-building experiences as groups communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve. Get the blood pumping, get out of your seats, and get right into the heart of the story. Our theatre-based programming is a great way to add some pep to the day, or close out an event! Explore whole worlds, right in your classroom! Designed around the Ministry of Education curriculum, our immersive programs place students at centre stage. They’ll take action to problem-solve, collaborate, and apply curriculum-specific skills and knowledge. Our independent theatre productions explore material both beautiful and challenging. We focus particularly on the works of female, Canadian, and emerging playwrights. As with all our projects, we strive to create unique, immersive experiences—and to find new stories just awaiting their audiences!