The Clockmaker Auditions!

Gangway! Theatre Co. and The Edge Productions are presenting Stephen Massicotte’s The Clockmaker, Directed by Miriam Goldstein, at Grand Canyon Theatre in Toronto!

Show Dates: September 5th – 15th, 2019

“WHO ARE YOU?” Monsieur Pierre (the immigration official) poses his usual question, but Heinrich’s unusual answer sets in motion a metaphysical rollercoaster. Why would a simple statement of name and profession bring so much attention to an unassuming clockmaker? Maybe because that’s two more things than anyone else in this place remembers…? Soon, Heinrich is reminding his new friend Frieda of memories she’s forgotten and even summoning up a few of his own—of forbidden love, and crimes he may or may not have committed. Is it possible to be guilty of being about to commit a crime, as Monsieur Pierre suspects? And why wouldn’t one recall something so significant as premeditating murder? Armed with a newfound-yet-familiar love for each other, Heinrich and Frieda set about solving this Kafkaesque puzzle. Winner of the Betty Mitchell Award for Best New Play (2009) and named best Canadian play of the 2010-2011 season at the inaugural Toronto Theatre Critics’ Awards.


Heinrich Mann – 25-40, male identifying – a lonely, clever and romantic man

Monsieur Pierre – any age, any gender identifying – sinister bureaucrat

Adolphus – 25-40 , male identifying – brutish and abusive man

We will be accepting self tape auditions until July 12th at 11:59 pm; Callbacks will be held Monday July 15th in Toronto

Please submit your headshot, resume and a video of a contemporary monologue to

There will be one table read/work through session in July based on schedules provided by artists
Rehearsals will take place from August 19th-30th in Windsor ON. We will endeavour to secure billeting for out of town artists.
Tech and performances will happen in Toronto September 2nd – 15th at Grand Canyon Theatre

This is a profit share contract. We are accepting submissions from both Union and Non-Union actors. Profit share fee structures will be confirmed upon contract offers.

We encourage submissions from all ethnicities, physique’s, physical ability, and gender identities. All are welcome to submit!

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